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Bubble liner tm 20DC/40DC/40HC

«Air is the most insulating material in the world» 

The Bubble Liner is the only liner designed with air bubble concept.

For a thermal protection of maritime containers to be fully effectient, it must imperatively be designed with thousands of air bubbles. It is sold in a 5 side version but can be supplied with floor insulation as well (optional).

BJ Liner 20DC/30DC/40DC/40HC

The BJ Liner is an interior pocket designed for maritime containers that can be provided in two versions :

5 Faces (without floor) or 6 Faces (with floor).

Its inner cotton wool lining has been designed to retard the formation of humidity and its outer covering is made of reinforced aluminum with a woven fabric and several layers of PE. This concept enables you to transport your sensitive foodstuffs in healthy conditions.


This insulation consists of rigid XPS plates.

These fit into each other thanks to a grooved profiles system to ensure a perfect sealing, the rigid insulation offers excellent thermal performance during land transport particularly for pharmaceuticals products and exports of wines and spirits.

pallet cover

A product derived from the insulation of shipping containers.

The pallet cover has many advantages : solidity, lightness and easy installation. Particularly adapted to consolidated cargo or air freight, it perfectly meets the protection requirements of pallets in containers or the protection of pallets during the storage phase.

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